Class Prices
(All prices are per student)

 Class Type

Class Length 
Per Lesson Rate 
Package of 8 Rate 

Private (1:1)

*15 minutes n/a $160.00
Private (1:1) Lessons are classes with one student per instructor. *20 minutes n/a $216.00
30 minutes $45.00 $320.00
45 minutes $65.00 $480.00
60 minutes $85.00 $640.00
Private Lessons may be scheduled 1, 2, or 3 days/week.

*The 15 and 20 minute classes should be scheduled a minimum of 2 days/week. They are designed for the 24-36 month old student or the older child that is anxious about lessons

 Class Type

Class Length 
Per Lesson Rate Per Student
Package of 8 Rate Per Student 

Semi-Private (2:1)

30 minutes $27.50 $200.00
Semi-Private lessons are classes with two students that are similar in age and ability per instructor. 45 minutes $37.50 $280.00
60 minutes $47.50 $360.00
Semi-Private Lessons may be scheduled one of more days/week. To qualify for the semi-private rate, the students must be about the same age and swimming skill. The parent is responsible for finding the second student.

 Class Type

Class Length 
Per Lesson Rate Per Student  
Package of 8 Rate Per Student 

Small Group (4:1)

30 minutes $17.00
Group lessons indoors have a maximum of four students to one instructor and a minimum of 2 students to one instructor.

Group lessons outdoors have a maximum of four students to one instructor and a minimum of 3 students to one instructor.

Students are grouped by age and swimming ability.

45 and 60-minute group classes for adults and older children doing stroke work.

45 minutes $25.50
60 minutes $34.00

Group Lessons may be scheduled one or more days/week.

* If you enroll in a group class and the minimum enrollment is not met, you will have following options:

  1. Change class time and/or day
  2. Reduce class time by 1/3 until minimum number of students is met. For example: 30 minute class is reduced to 20 minutes until another students joins.
  3. Switch to private lessons and pay the difference between group and private
  4. Cancel for a full refund if you have already paid

 Class Type

Class Length
Per Lesson Rate
Package of 8 Rate Per Student  

SwimBabies (6:1)

30 minutes N/A $136.00

SwimBabies lessons are classes for students ages 6-36 months and at least one parent or caregiver. These lessons have a maximum of six students to one instructor and a minimum of two students to one instructor.

We currently do not offer SwimBabies classes at outdoor pools.

SwimBabies Lessons may be scheduled 1 day/week for 8 weeks or 2 days/week for 4 weeks.

SwimBabies classes are scheduled indoors at the Alpharetta location Monday – Saturday, please see our schedule. Other times may be scheduled if you have at least three people interested.

For our regularly scheduled indoor classes there must be at least 2 students per class or the class will be cancelled.

There is a $25.00 annual registration fee per family.